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2 3/8″ Sign Post Breakaway Base

$ 36.00

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Sign post breakaway base protects the post anchor in the ground from damage.

When a sign mounted in concrete is hit by a car, the repair can be expensive as the entire sign post must be removed and re-installed in new concrete. This could mean digging up part of your sidewalk. With this breakaway base installed, the sign post is two separate pieces connected by the breakaway base near the ground. The 2 sections of the breakaway base are tethered together by an additional safety cable once broken.

When the pole is hit, the base snaps in the middle. Simply replace the pole and sign if damaged and install it with a new breakaway base without the need to dig up a sidewalk or concrete base to install a new sign.

Dimensions:  7.5″ tall


Break Away Bracket Illustration


Hardware includes:

-5/16” x 1” Bolts (x2)

-5/16” x 1 1/4” Bolts (x2)

-5/16” Nuts (x4)

-5/16” x 7/8” Flat Washers (x2)

-5/16” Galvanized Aircraft Cable (x1)

SKU: 132025

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