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6V LED Barricade Light

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Hardware includes:

-1/2” x 3-1/4” Vandal-Bolts (x1) With (3.25) Version

-1/2” x 3-3/4” Vandal-Bolts (x1) With (3.75) Version

-Vandal-Bolt Installation Socket Tool (x1 per 10pcs)

-Switch Pin (x1)

Housing Features:

Impact-resistant housing with UV stabilizers

Fitted to hold 2pcs 6V spring-top batteries (not included).

Battery polarity terminals clearly marked on the case for easy battery installation

Lens Features:

7” lens diameter, fresnel-design for maximum light performance

Lens is constructed from high-strength polycarbonate (PC) material

1/2” retro-reflective outer ring

Lens is assembled with 5 screws and 5 nuts to create a water-tight seal

LED Circuitry:

LED designed to point directly into center of lens even as lens rotates

3mm super-bright LED, 3000—5000mcd light output

100,000 hours of LED life expectancy

Energy saving LED technology incorporated into circuitry design

Dual-mode combination type A and C, flashing or steadyburn functions

Positive-action flash/steady/off switch

Built-in photocell automatically turns the light on/off depending on lighting conditions

Circuitry is wired in parallel so only 1pc 6V spring-top battery is required to function

Flash rate is 60+/- 5 flashes per minute

Solid-state circuitry is shock resistant

Circuitry is designed to be easily replaceable

Equipped with “First Flash” function

SKU: 134010

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