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Brass Lever Handle Guard with Brushed Silver Finish

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Lever Guards are designed to stop burglars from prying and wrenching your door lever until it breaks and falls off. Using a lever guard overtop of your existing door lever prohibits access to the lever and any other weak spots that can be exploited by burglars. If a burglar is unable to get at the lever then they cannot wrench it off. Additionally the Brass Lever Handle Guard makes it incredibly difficult to damage the lock with a hammer, boot, or pry bar. With our lever guard, you can add additional security to most any doors.

The Brass Lever Handle Guard is constructed from solid brass to resist attack and features a brushed silver finish with a built in door handle. All bolts to be attached to the guard are installed right through the door for maximum strength and are protected by the guard on the outside of the door.


To install, remove the lever handle and line up the included template so the lock is centered with the guard opening. Drill your mounting holes through the door. Bolt the lever handle guard in place using the included bolts.

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SKU: 105011

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