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Combo Lock Box With Guard

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Programmable combination lock box with guard can be anchored to doors or exterior walls to house access keys for your property. The 1/4″ Steel guard protects the “lock box” from vandalism.

These Combo Lock Boxes are used by  Property Managers, Strata Managers, Real Estate Agents, and Trades Industries etc.  to house keys for property access.

A Combo Lock Box is a convenience product, not a security product.

Guard Dimensions:

Inside dimension 5-1/4″ H x 3-3/4″ W x 4″ Deep.

Total weight is 13.5 lbs

SKU: 112100

Installation Instructions

See pictures for step-by-step instructions. Further information is provided below

A. Setting your combination

– There is no preset combination on your device. Select your own combination. Each number in a combination can only be used once.

– Do not use a number combination that can be easily guessed, such as telephone numbers or birthdays.

– Use five to seven numbers in your combination.

1, press down on the CLEAR button.

2, press down on the OPEN button.

3, pull out the lid.

4, remove the plastic card from the back of the lid.

5, there are ten numbered buttons with arrows. Turn the lid so the number “1” is in the upper left. Arrows pointing to the left are not set as part of the combination. Arrows pointing to the right are set and are part of the combination.

6, use the setting tab on the plastic card to set the combination. To set a number, use the setting tab to push in the grooved arrow by the number you wish to set. Turn 180° until the arrow pops back up completely and the arrow points in the ON direction.

7, Replace the plastic card on the back of the lid.

B. Testing your combination

1, enter your number combination (each button pressed must click when pushed down).

2, press down the OPEN button. If it has been set correctly, the OPEN button will slide down fully. If it has been incorrectly set, the OPEN button will not slide down fully. When this happens DO NOT return the lid to the box. Instead push down the CLEAR button and refer to the pictures in section A. Setting your combination.

C. Mounting the Permanent Model

1, remove the lid.

2, use a hammer/ punch or screwdriver to punch out the mounting holes.

3, mount the box with appropriate screws on a flat surface, such as concrete or brick, preferably hidden from view.

D. Mounting the Vehicle Door Model

1, the vehicle door model hangs on the vehicle door with the use of an attached bracket.

2, partially lower (open) the vehicle window. Hang the bracket over the top of the window. Roll up (close) the window to secure the box. Close and lock the vehicle door. Important! Remove the box from vehicle window before driving vehicle.

E. Opening and Closing your Box

Enter the numbers of your combination in any order. If you have entered an incorrect combination, slide down the CLEAR button to return the buttons to their original settings.


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