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Cone Door Knob Guard

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Protect your commercial steel exterior and utility room doors from break-ins with a door knob guard. Thieves can easily smash or twist a door knob to gain access. This guard protects the knob and therefore the actual latching mechanism inside the door.

The tapered cone shaped guard is designed for use on store-room function door knobs (self locking) that always require a key to open. Store-room function knobs are commonly used for electrical and mechanical room doors, as well as rear exit doors.

We have other guards that are suitable for lever handles, deadbolts, and mortise locks.

How To Install Door knob Guards

This guard is installed using carriage bolts right through the door. Line the guard up to center the doorknob keyway with the guard’s opening and mark your holes. Drill your mounting holes right through the door and attach the guard using the (6) 2″ x 3/8″ carriage bolts.

Installation Tip: Adjusting your door knob so the handle is as close to the knob guard opening as possible will increase the effectiveness of the guard by preventing prying through the guard’s opening.

An optional handle is available.

Cone door knob guard comes with bolts for install.

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