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High Performance Mesh Netting For Bird Control

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High performance three quarter in(3/4″) hexagon bird mesh netting.

Strongly woven polypropylene netting, with a 75 pound breakage threshold, This durable netting is ideal for the protection of residential and commercial properties from all kinds of animals and birds.

The mesh is woven from multiple interlocking strands of black polypropylene. This mesh will stretch and adjust to many different dimensions. Extremely simple to install using staples, straps, fasteners or hog rings. This netting is resistant to mold and mildew.

The polypropylene is UV stabilized for protection from the sun and is tightly woven for extreme cold weather protection. It’s flexible and designed to give you the best protection against small animals and birds.   Comes in black or beige 25′ x 25′, 25′ x 50′ , 50’x50′.

How Bird Netting is Used

Eaves & Overhangs

Closes off sheltered areas under eaves and overhangs. Clean the area thoroughly. Enclose the area from the edge of the roof down to the wall. The wider the overhang, the farther down the wall the netting must run. Using the proper fasteners, net off the open ends and close up all netting seams.


Protects the sheltered areas where a dormer roof overhangs the main roof. Thoroughly clean the area. Install the netting in 2 pieces as shown. Use the fastening method that best suits the installation surfaces. Close seam at outside corner. Protect both sides of dormer.


Keep birds out from under awnings, canopies and covered walkways. Clean all area thoroughly; determine the best route for the bird netting. Use fastening system that allows for access behind netting and best suits the installation surfaces.

Net Cover & Curtain

Cover vertical walls to keep birds off of complex surfaces. If birds can get to both sides, cover both sides with netting. Curtain installations help keep birds from flying through openings where a solid barrier is not placed. Use the draw top or fixed top method shown.

Staple, Roll, Install

For flat surface, staple the edge of the bird netting to a 1×2 (wood) then roll the 1×2 in the netting 2 or 3 times. Apply a bead of sealer to the back of the 1×2 and fasten it to the surface. Allow at least an extra foot of netting on all sides of the net so each side can be stapled, rolled and installed.

Netting Frames

A simple frame can be used to secure bird netting. If using wood, follow the staple, roll, install steps shown above. Other framing materials can be substituted for wood. Frames can be used for flat and straight sided areas. For areas that have curves and many corners.

Wood On Steel

Use for flat steel surfaces only. Wood ‘nailers’ can be fastened to structural steel easier and faster. Boards can be securely fastened to steel surfaces using less hardware than if the netting were fastened directly to the steel surface.

More on how to install bird netting

SKU: 110004






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