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High Security In-Swing Door Astragal – 2 Piece

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High security steel, or stainless steel full length interlocking door astragal. This two piece set is for installation on the outside of in-swinging doors. It protects the door, door frame, and lock latches against break in using pry bars. Silver hammer-tone finish or stainless steel for long lasting durability.

Full length interlocking astragals provide far superior protection against break-ins than small single astragal plates that only protect the knob and deadbolt area of the door. Our 2 and 3 piece interlocking systems make prying the door open very difficult. And the full height length protects the entire door.

Astragal Installation

This astragal goes on the outside of doors that swing inwards. For doors that swing outwards, you can use our standard 2 piece astragal or extra-secure 3 piece astragal.

Installation: high security door astragals

Astragal Sizes

Available in 79″ and 83″ lengths to fit most standard door sizes.

Sizes: 2″ x 1/2″ x 79″ / 83″ Zbar, and 1″ x 1″ angle.


  • 79″ Steel SKU: 105025
  • 83″ Steel SKU: 105024
  • 79″ Stainless Steel SKU: 105033
  • 83″ Stainless Steel SKU: 105034

Note: Our steel astragals come with a powder coat finish color of gray, black or white.

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Product Enquiry