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Dual Edge Commercial Door Sweep

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Most commercial door sweeps come in one of two materials –  rubber or bristle brush.  Each of these materials have different uses. Rubber works well to safeguard against water, heat loss, and noise, but it doesn’t work as well against dust, mice and other pests. Pests, rodents can chew or squeeze under rubber door sweeps.  Bristle brush sweeps help combat pests, and rodents as they are hesitant to try to go through bristle brush sweeps.

Our dual edge commercial door sweep is made of aluminum and has the benefit of the two edges; a rubber edge and a stiff bristle brush edge.  It is an effective commercial door sweep to protect against the elements of weather and the annoyance of pests.

Commercial Door Sweep Sizing

Fits standard 36″ wide commercial doors and can be installed on steel, aluminum, and wood doors. It can easily be cut down to fit smaller width doors.   Door sweep can be installed  higher or lower on bottom edge of doors in order for brush to reach ground level.  Most effective when mounted on exterior of door.  Fills up to 1″ gaps.

Brush sweep side 2″ x 36″

Rubber sweep side 2″ x 36″

SKU: 105200

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Product Enquiry