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Perforated Door Window Protection Cover

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Wire mesh glass windows in parkades are often smashed to access the lock inside to open the door to enter the building. To prevent B&E’s and property damage, these window guards are installed over your door windows.

This window kit lets light through the door and allows for visibility to the other side to prevent hitting someone when opening the door.

The window cover can be easily installed with carriage bolts through the door. It is available in two most common sizes (other sizes available by special order). It comes in mild steel painted silver or in stainless steel.

Steel 13″ x 13″ SKU: 105108

Steel 13″ x 28″ SKU: 105102

Steel 30″ x 38″ SKU: 105103

Stainless Steel 13″ x 13″ SKU: 105109

Stainless Steel 13″ x 28″ SKU: 105104

Stainless Steel 30″ x 38″ SKU: 105105



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