Alupanel Signs are the Best Way to Stop Metal Thieves from Stealing Your Signs

Alupanel is the best material for professional grade street and exterior signs. These signs are made from a strong corrugated polyallomer core sandwiched in between 2 high gloss painted aluminum surfaces that are just 0.016 of an inch thick.

The Benefits of Alupanel Signs Over Aluminum

Alupanel signs have two great benefits over traditional solid aluminum signs:

  1. The first is price. As the price of metals rises, the thin veneers of aluminum used to make alupanel mean that you only see minor increases in price over time. This price stability is incredibly important for large projects that require long term planning.
  2. Anti-theft. As the price of metals rises, so does theft of such base metals as aluminum and outdoor signs are an easy target for thieves. Because alupanel only contains thin veneers of aluminum that are impractical to separate from the core, alupanel has no value to scrap metal thieves.

Alupanel Signs Look Great and Last for Many Years

Alupanel is both strong and lightweight. It comes in a variety of factory-baked vibrant acrylic colours that will not crack, chip, flake or peel.

Alupanel Colors

The strong CPA core and aluminum veneering give alupanel signs strong resistance to weathering. These signs have an average outdoor life expectancy of 10 years.

Alupanel Sign Veneer

All of our aluminum signs for street, exterior, and interior use at BC Site Service are crafted from alupanel. For durability, dependability, and anti-theft quality, there is no better material available today.