How to install a Drip Pan for Controlling Water Ingress

Water ingress into underground parkades can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. One of the common solutions is using concrete injection to seal these leaks only lasts for a limited time. Injection also causes the water to find another way through the ceiling which can cause leaks in other areas within the same time span.

Our galvanized drip pans come in 3 sizes: 44” x 56”, 116”x 20”, and 116”x 44”, and can be installed in a variety of areas to control water ingress and prevent corrosive water from damaging parked cars. We collect the dripping water and drain it away harmlessly to the floor. And slow leaks will often evaporate in the pan with no need for drainage. All our drip pans have soldered seams, a 1.5” – 2” lip and a 1.5” -2” copper soldered drain spout.

When determining how big of a pan to purchase make sure that it’s at least a few inches larger in both length and width that water ingress marks on ceiling. To determine where the drain goes, simply install the drain closest to a pillar to plumb the drain. Usually the pan is mounted about 5” – 10” below the ceiling depending on obstructions such as pipes, ducting, etc. Use metal strapping in 4 -6 places and mount it to the pan side near the top of the sheet metal using metal screws and anchors for concrete (normally in parkades). Always hang the pan first from the furthest corner opposite from the drain, making sure that it’s 1 to 2 inches higher than the drain. Once strapped into place you can plumb the drain into place by purchasing matching diameter PVC pipe, elbows, unions, primer, and glue. Always install pipe sloping 2 degrees or greater downhill to allow drainage. Use strapping to adhere pipe to wall.