How to Size Grates and Covers for Replacement

There are four main components to sizing drain grates and covers to find the correct replacement:

  1. Shape of the grate’s seat or opening. They can be round, square, rectangular, or a combination such as rectangular with rounded ends.
  2. All width and length dimensions, plus the thickness of the grate or cover
  3. The material it is made of. Common materials include cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, and plastic
  4. The position of the screw holes if there are any. These can be measured on the grate, or if the grate is missing, inside the grate seat. The number of holes and the distance from the grate edge to the center of each hole are key sizing measurements

With this information, most common grates or drain covers can be easily replaced by stock items. When a replacement is not available, we can fabricate custom drain grates or covers. This can happen when the manufacturer of an odd sized grate is no longer in business.

Installing a New Drain Cover

For covers that are held in place with screws, always clean out the screw holes before installing the cover to ensure they are clear of debris. In some circumstances, if the threads have been damaged or debris is wedged into the holes, the threads may need to be re-tapped before installing the new drain cover.

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