12″ Heavy Duty Outdoor Traffic Mirror

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For tight corners and small spaces. Our 12″ Convex mirrors are used to increase your visibility at turns and prevent automotive accidents by giving a better view of what’s around the corner. It is also used to improve security and safety for people in parkades, corridors, and stairwells by warning them of any strangers lurking around a corner.

The small size makes these mirrors ideal for installation in spaces where the standard 18″ and 26″ traffic mirrors would be too large.

They are mounted on heavy duty ABS backing making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Mounting hardware is included.


For information on how to install your 12″ Heavy Duty Outdoor Traffic Mirror; please follow the detailed steps in this article:
How to Install Traffic Mirrors


Custom Mounting Brackets can be fabricated for specialized installation needs. Please Contact BC Site Service for more details.

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SKU: 134016

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