45 Degree Chamfer Anti-Skateboard Guards

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Even with the expansion of skate park facilities nationally, your property may become a practice ground for disruptive and destructive activity. The chamfered anti-skateboard guard is the best option to stop rogue skateboarders as it has a tight fit that protects the chamfered surface on your property from unsightly grinding. These guards protect both the top and angled edge of the surface; they act as speed bumps for handrails, walls, curbs, and furniture. These Anti-Skateboard prevention devices are designed for use on 45 degree chamfered edges such as poured concrete, marble, granite or pre-cast concrete with chamfered edges.

Many concrete retaining walls feature a 45 degree angle at the top for aesthetic design however this edge style is a frequent target for waxing and skateboard grinding. Skateboarding can easily stain and damage materials such as concrete and marble. Use these skating prevention devices to eliminate the long, smooth edges skateboarders favor. This is the best way to stop skateboarders grinding and ruining these premium edge finishes and materials around your property.

Used by Contractors, Landscapers, Property Managers, Architects to deter unwanted skateboarding around their buildings premises. Skateboard prevention devices have been proven to reduce property damage, discourage loitering, and deter skaters.


Dimensions: 2″ wide x 3 ½” deep x 1 ⅛” tall
Material: These guards are fabricated from aluminum and have a very attractive anodized finish that looks great with both modern and classic architecture styles.
Drawing: 45 Degree Chamfer Layout PDF

Kit Contains:

  • Anti-skateboard guards (20, 60, or 100 piece kits available)
  • Security screws for mounting the guards
  • Security screw bit for use with multi-drivers or drills
  • Concrete drill bit, epoxy.
  • Note: Purchasing per single unit only includes guards and security screws


For most installations, the best placement is to put one guard at each end of your concrete wall approximately 12 to 18 inches from the end, and then install guards every 24 inches between the two ends.
Anti-Skateboard Guard Installation Guide

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SKU: 101002

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