Acrylic Card Reader Protector

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The Acrylic Card Reader Protector is a heavy duty guard designed to protect card readers and similar devices from vandalism, accidental damage, and severe weather conditions. The guard is constructed from heavy duty acrylic therefore it’s very durable and highly resistant to impact. An Acrylic Card Reader Protector is ideal for locations where your card reader may potentially be exposed to damage- corridors, parking garages, entry ways, and other public places.

Featuring a smoked colour that keeps your card reader or similar device discreet, the Acrylic Card Reader Protector allows operating lights to be easily viewed through the protector. It is installed using 4 heavy duty security screws that require a special security bit to undo. Four 2 inch security screws are included with every Acrylic Card Read Protector.

Installation is available within lower mainland at an extra cost; please contact BC Site Service for more details.

Layout Drawings:

Keyscan K-P00X2-01

Keyscan K-P00X2-01 Layout Drawing

Keyscan K-P00X2-02

Keyscan K-P00X2-02 Layout Drawing

Keytech P32KPW26

Keytech P32KPW26 Layout Drawing

Keytech P225W26

Keytech P225W26 Layout Drawing


MID 5365EGPOO Layout Drawing


MID 6005BKBOO Layout Drawing

Item Numbers:

SKU: 112301 – Keyscan K-P00X2-01
SKU: 112302 – Keyscan K-P00X2-02
SKU: 112303 – Keytech P32KPW26
SKU: 112304 – Keytech P225W26
SKU: 112305 – HID 5365EGPOO
SKU: 112306 – HID 6005BKBOO

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