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Aluminum Roof Drain Strainer

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The ever changing climate here in Canada can have a huge impact on your roofs drain system. Most structural leaks begin with some sort of drainage issue. Protect yourself from leaks and other costly roof damage using our Aluminum Roof Drain Strainer. A roof drainer and strainer are one of the most important parts of any commercial roof. They’re responsible for draining all of the precipitation that collects on your properties roof. Our Aluminum Roof Drain Strainer is designed to allow small debris and water to flow freely to the drain.

The drain and strainer combination offers several advantages compared to a drain or strainer alone. For example the slots on the strainer are big and wide enough for small debris to flow through. If excess debris somehow collects in the catchment area, around the strainer, it is low enough so that water is able to flow over top of the debris and then down the drain.


Material: Aluminum Die Cast
Dimensions: 8.5” Diameter Base x 5” Tall

Item Number:

SKU: 111013

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