Custom Commercial Garbage Dumpster Enclosures

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Garbage enclosures serve multiple purposes. First, they hide unsightly dumpsters and recycling bins from view. Second, they inhibit illegal dumping by providing a secure enclosed location for garbage on your property. Lastly, they keep your property cleaner, by dissuading bottle collectors, birds, and pests from pulling garbage out of dumpsters and into the parking lot.

Each enclosure is custom built and sized for your commercial or strata needs. We take into acount the number of garbage bins you need enclosed, the size of the bins, and the available space for installing the enclosure. We also look at the finer details including how level the installation surface is, and how much room is available for the doors to swing open.

Our construction design is well refined and our garbage enclosures are built to last. Each enclosure features:

  • Heavy duty welded steel frame construction
  • All-season cedar siding
  • Latched or locking doors with heavy duty hinges
  • Caged roofs so obnoxious odors are not trapped inside
  • Free standing or concrete footings

We build and install garbage enclosures within the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Call us today to get a quote.

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