Custom Continuous Trench Drain Grates

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Trench drains eventually fail because of their exposure to the elements, heavy vehicle traffic, and the way they are normally constructed. We build continuous trench drain grates and troughs that solve the key problems causing most trench drains to fail.

There are three main problems that occur with regular trench drains,

  1. The grates are cast iron and usually 24″ long. This makes them suseptible to breaking into smaller pieces, falling into the trench, being stolen, and causing noise as vehicles drive over them
  2. The channel walls become severly degraded, causing movement of the drain grates and allowing them to fall into the trench or flip up and hit a car as it passess over the drain
  3. The surrounding asphalt or concrete begins to crack and crumble, loosening up the entire drain and causing potholes and aggravating the above problems

Custom Trench Drain Solutions

We can provide a variety of solutions from simply supplying standard trench drain grates to building and installing a custom continuous grate cover or complete trench drain.

Some of the options we construct and install include:

  • Laser cut steel continuous grate cover with a flush mounted cleanout hatch
  • Repair or replacement of drain grate seats along the top of the trough
  • Removal of old trench drains, and installation of new drain and cover connected to storm drain system

Contact us today for trench drain grates, repairs, and complete custom rebuilds within the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

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