Danger Men Working Below – Portable A-Frame Sign

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Sign reads “Danger. Men working below” and features a down arrow graphic.

In situations where you want to warn people of potential dangers due to workers doing construction work or renovations on or under the ground. There is no better way than to post this temporary “Men Working Below” sign. Also known as a sandwich board sign, it is lightweight, portable, will not be blown by moderate wind and the message can be seen from both sides. This temporary sign is very convenient to use and highly visible to traffic.

Can be used at buildings under renovation, special work projects, areas undergoing emergency repairs or any areas where harmful tools or materials are being used. This sign is perfect for properties doing confined space entry work. Protect pedestrians passing through the area by warning them of the dangers around them.

Falling objects and tripping hazards caused by construction work are the cause of multimillion dollar lawsuits every year in North America, so protect yourself and your property from these expensive lawsuits by posting these signs. Keep pedestrians and your workers safe and prevent unwanted accidents. You will reduce your liability exposure and in the case of an accident, you have more leverage to defend yourself.


Material: Alupanel
Dimensions: 15 ½” x 23 ½”
Weight: 4 lbs.

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Portable A-Frame Sandwich Board Signs

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