Wall Damage Cover Door Stopper with Door Knob

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This unique wall damage door stopper is the quickest and easiest solution for drywall damaged by door handles. The brushed aluminum finished plate covers the hole without the need for drywall and mud repair or colour matching paint while the integrated rubber door stop prevents damage from future slamming of the door into the wall. A quick, easy and inexpensive repair that takes just minutes!

Plates are available in 6″ x 6″ or 8″ x 8″ depending on the size of the damaged area of your wall.


Line up the rubber stop with the center of the door knob, ensure the top edge of the cover plate is level and mark your holes on the wall. Install using four drywall anchors and screws to attach the door stop plate over the hole in the wall.

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SKU: 105016 – 6” x 6”
SKU: 105015 – 8” x 8”

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