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The Locking Removable Bollard for areas where you need protection against unauthorized traffic or intrusion, but still need to be able to gain entry. This bollard is a good solution.


Diameter: 6″ bollard, 12” wide including handles
Height: 40″ above ground, 60” total height
Colours: Removable bollards are available in black. If you require a custom colour, please contact us.
Weight: Bollard – 75.5 lbs, Base – 73.5 lbs

Key Benefits of Our Removable Bollard Design

  • Heavy duty exterior grade puck lock for maximum security against tampering and a better aesthetic design over padlock style bollard lock mechanisms.
  • Base plate is flush with the ground surface and has minimal gapping and no protrusions to prevent it from being a tripping hazard when the bollard is removed. The base plate is also removable to allow for easy cleaning of debris out of the base that can build up over time.
  • Handy carrying handles built right into the design allows you to protect large areas with chain-linked multiple bollards, and allow easier installation and removal.


The bollard base including flanges is 12″ in diameter and will fit easily in a 12″ round or 12″ x 12″ square hole that can be cored, cut into concrete or asphalt. The base is 20″ deep and should be mounted in concrete with the top of the base flush with the top of your ground surface.

The bollard itself is 60″ high and protrudes 40″ (standard bollard height) out of the ground when installed in the base. Installation and removal is easy. To install, simply lower the bollard into the base, twist it to lock it in place, and apply the lock. To remove it, remove your lock, turn the bollard to disengage it, and lift it out of the base as shown below.

Unlocking the removable bollard

Removing the bollard

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SKU: 104009

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