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The Mini Transmitter is one of the smallest portable signaling units. This wireless transmitter owes its miniature size to state-of-the-art circuit technology. Only 5/8″ thick. The Mini Transmitter measures 1-3/8″ high. It is compatible with all Linear standard digital receivers.

Choosing A Code

To code the Mini Transmitter with the receiver it operates, set the eight-digit system code to the precise digital system code set in the receiver. Do not retain the original factory-set code.

Linear Delta-3 Series MiniT Coding Switch Location

In addition, among the 256 valid codes available,. four should not be used because they are too often duplicated. These codes are (1) all ON; (2) all OFF; (3) alternating ON/OFF; (4) alternating OFF/ON.

Code Switch Location

Remove the battery cover and battery (see Figure 1), to access the Mini Transmitter’s toggle coding switch (see Figure 2).

Code Setting

The coding is performed simply by using a paper clip or similarly pointed object (not a pencil or pen) to flip the eight switches to ON or OFF position. A toggle switch set to the system code 1, 4, 7 ON appears in Figure 2.

Reinstall battery observing polarity. Replace battery cover.

Check-out and Test

After matching the digital code set in the transmitter to the receiver code, test the system.

Caution: Be sure the door or gate is in sight and the area is clear prior to testing.

To test the transmitter, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Move at least 6 feet away from the receiver and push the Mini Transmitter button. Receiver activation indicates that the transmitter is operating properly and that the transmitter/ receiver’s digital codes are correctly matched.

Note: The Mini Transmitter transmits continuously while the button is held down, terminating when the button is released.

Step 2: Operate the transmitter from various locations within the area where it will be used. This will help to locate possible null areas where structural steel, and/or certain appliances may interfere with transmission.


If the transmitter fails to activate the receiver, first check the coding switches in the receiver to make sure that the receiver’s digital code system matches that of the Mini Transmitter. Next check the battery and replace it if it is weak. Although the battery should last for two years with normal use, it is good practice to install a new battery every year. A slowly flashing or steadily lit LED on the transmitter indicates that the battery is too low for transmission to occur. A rapidly flickering light during transmission indicates that the unit is operating properly.

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