Outdoor Locking Bulletin Board Cabinets

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This locking notice board cabinet is built for outdoor installation. The satin silver finish looks clean and professional. The door features rubber weather stripping and the corkboard inside is made of plastic to resist moisture in outdoor conditions. The door is mounted on a full length sturdy piano hinge with an integrated lock. The view panel in the door is made from safety acrylic.

This notice board is best used for displaying notices in common gathering areas outside such as courtyards, building entrance ways, and community information stations.

Item Numbers:

SKU: 122023 – 24″ x 18″
SKU: 122024 – 36″ x 24″
SKU: 122025 – 36″ x 48″ – This is a 2-door cabinet
SKU: 122026 – 36″ x 30″
SKU: 122027 – 36″ x 72″ – This is a 3-door cabinet
SKU: 122028 – 48″ x 60″ – This is a 2-door cabinet
SKU: 122029 – 48″ x 72″ – This is a 3-door cabinet

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