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Portable Rolling Sign Holder with Stop Sign

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A rolling sign base for traffic signs that can be positioned and repositioned as needed by rolling it from one location to the next.

Can be used for directing the flow of traffic and pedestrians in a flexible environment where areas are opened, closed or re-routed regularly. This sign holder is made from a heavy duty steel frame, keeping it firmly where you want it, while being easily movable by tilting it back and rolling it along on 2 wheels.


All welded steel construction

Accessories: Comes with 1 standard 24″ x 24′” STOP sign

Colour: Powder coated safety yellow

Dimensions: 24″ x 27″ base. Sign post is 62.5″ high

Weight: 65 lbs


  1. Different sign faces are available to attach to the post. See our selection of standard signs
  2. Simply grab the handle at the back of the sign with one foot on the base. Tilt it back to engage it on the 2 wheels, and roll it into position

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SKU 132033

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