Dual Edge Commercial Door Sweep

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Commercial door sweeps typically come in either one of two materials – Rubber (Neoprene) and Bristle Brush. They each provide a solid barrier of protection underneath your door however they feature a few key differences. Rubber is a great insulator and is ideal for preventing heat loss and stopping drafts. Bristle brush on the other hand is a great barrier against pests, insects, moisture, smoke, and fire. Bristle brush has the ability to sweep across the floor much smoother than that of rubber and is better suited for use on uneven surfaces such as concrete.

Our Dual Edge Commercial Door Sweep is constructed from aluminum and has all of the benefits of both types of edges; Rubber and Bristle Brush. It is an effective commercial door sweep to protect against moisture, dust, the unpredictable elements of weather, and the annoyance of pests.

Commercial Door Sweep Sizing

Fits standard 36″ wide commercial doors and can be installed on steel, aluminum, and wood doors. It can easily be cut down to fit smaller width doors. Door sweep can be installed higher or lower on bottom edge of doors in order for brush to reach ground level. It is most effective when mounted on exterior of the door. Fills up to 1″ gaps.


Sweep Size: 36” Wide x 2” High

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SKU: 105200

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