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Rubber corner guards are ideal for protecting building corners and columns from being hit by cars. They are widely used in modern multi-level parking lots where space is tight. They also work well for interior walls and columns in factories or warehouses, and in areas surrounding loading docks.

Rubber corner guards not only help protect your parking structure, but also help protect your customers’ vehicles from potential dents and scratches.

Manufactured from high-impact virgin rubber, these corner protectors are long lasting, durable, and make for a cost effective solution to protect walls and corners from vehicle damage. High intensity reflective bars increase visibility – especially at night, and provide the necessary guidance to drivers when parking in tight spots.


Material: High-impact Virgin Rubber
Appearance: Includes high intensity reflective bars to increase visibility
Profiles: Square and Rounded


  • Square Rubber Corner Guard: 31″ (L) x 4″(W) x 0.3″ (Thickness), Weight is 4 lbs
  • Rounded Rubber Corner Guard: 31″ (L) x 4.7″(W) x 0.8″ (Thickness), Weight is 5.5 lbs


  1. Corner Guards Require 6 screws for installation. Place the corner guard at the desired position; generally the bottom should be about 6 to 8 inches above the floor.
  2. Mark the screw hole positions on the wall or column.
  3. Drill your holes, making sure the holes are clean of dust and debris. Insert the plastic anchors into the holes.
  4. Place the corner guard back in position, insert the screws, and tighten.

Maintenance Tip: Rubber corner protectors require minimal maintenance. Periodically inspect the screws and tighten if necessary.

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SKU: 105006 – Square Rubber Corner Guard
SKU: 105007 – Rounded Rubber Corner Guard

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