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Rubber Speed Bumps offer all the advantages of traditional speed bumps without all of the required maintenance or additional costs incurred. Most commonly they are used to calm traffic within residential roads, apartment and condominium complexes, and commercial parking lots. Rubber Speed Bumps are an easy way to prevent speeding outside your property. They require less maintenance over time when compared to an asphalt speed bump and they are much more cost effective.

These speed bumps are made from 100% recycled rubber with molded yellow stripes and cat’s eye reflectors for high visibility. Channels underneath the speed bump allow for water drainage or can be used to protect cabling that is being run across a roadway. Because they are made of flexible rubber, they can conform easily to roadways that are not completely level.


Dimensions: 72″ x 12″ x 2.25″
Weight: 51 lbs


Installation utilizes Four (4) 14″ spikes for asphalt roadways or Four (4) lag bolts for installation on concrete surfaces. This easy installation makes rubber speed bumps a great option for temporary or permanent installations. Each one is 6 ft. long and they can be installed in a line to span wider areas.

You can also install speed bump end caps for a gently sloped finish on each end that will prevent tripping hazards, in areas where there is pedestrian traffic.

Item Numbers

SKU: 133007 – 14″ Spikes for Installation on Asphalt
SKU: 133003 – 1/2″ x 6″ Lag Bolts for Installation on Concrete

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