Stainless Steel Ashtray For Waste Receptacle Lid

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Replacement ashtray for dome style plastic lids used on concrete garbage receptacles. Stainless steel ashtrays come in 2 sizes; 6.5″ diameter and 8.25″ diameter. Each ashtray comes with a security chain to attach the ashtray to the receptacle securely.


To install on garbage can lids that do not have a hole to seat the ashtray in, use a hole saw or jigsaw to cut the appropriate size hole centered on the top of the plastic lid. Cut a 5 3/4″ diameter hole for the 6.5″ ashtray. Cut a 7 1/2″ diameter hole for the 8.25″ ashtray. Then drill a hole through the side at the bottom of the lid to attach the ashtray’s security chain inside.

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SKU: 135405 – 6.5″
SKU: 135406 – 8.25″

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