Stainless Steel Standoffs (Set of 4)

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Stainless steel standoffs can be used to mount sign panels or directory boards to practically any wall surface.

These threaded stainless steel standoffs differ from frames and wall-mounted graphics holders as they are meant to go through the panel or board instead of simply holding on to it. Stainless steel standoffs create a more unique and modern presentation, perfect for use in offices, lobbies, lounges, and waiting areas. They give you the ability to easily add signage to any wall, both indoors and out. Due to their simple design, the standoffs also make it extremely easy to update a presentation.

The standoff kit comes with everything you need to mount your sign or directory panel. They require 4 holes within the panel or directory board to attach the standoffs to the signage. Your standoffs are then attached to the wall using the provided screws and wall anchors.  Once in place, simply hand-tighten the threaded cap.  The simple design is easy to install and will help you create a modern and sophisticated signage display.

Each unit includes (4) standoffs for mounting (1) panel.


  • They can be used to display acrylic, wood or stone panels
  • Stainless steel construction for use indoors & out

Item Numbers:

SKU: 132030 – 5/8″ wide diameter x 5/8″ off the wall.

Stainless Steel Standoff Drawing - 132030

SKU: 132031 – 3/4″ wide diameter x 3/4″ off the wall.

Stainless Steel Standoff Drawing - 132031

SKU: 132032 – 1″ wide diameter x 1″ off the wall.

Stainless Steel Standoff Drawing - 132032

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