(5 pack) Two-piece Universal Sprinkler Head Guard

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Sprinkler head guards can help you avoid costly mishaps by protecting fire sprinkler heads in areas where they are prone to be hit accidentally. Constructed of 11 gauge .120 dia steel wire with a red or white enamel finish.


Dimensions: OD 4″ dia x 2-1/4″ deep. Supports most 1/2″ IPS sprinkler heads.
The head guard is provided with an adjustable base plate that can be installed around 1/2″ pipe, or 3 screws for mounting sprinkler heads on ceiling tile, and or drywall walls.
Unit cover is detachable from the base plate. Single screw tightens/loosens base plate for easy installation.


They should be installed carefully as well – we recommend you get a qualified technician to install the sprinkler head guards.

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