(1000) Umbrella Bags

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Clear, low density polyethylene bags designed for our commercial umbrella stand come in two sizes, 7″ x 24″ and 7″ x 35″, for two common sizes of umbrella (standard and telescopic). Umbrella bags feature an easy perforated tear-off design, and state “Umbrella Bag. Keep the Floor Dry” with an easy to understand graphic.

They help to keep the floor dry and mud free during the rainy season and high recommended for high traffic area such as shopping mall, hospital, bank, restaurant, hotel and retail stores to reduce slippery floor conditions and falling hazard.

Each box includes 1,000 bags.

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SKU: SKU: 106016 – 7″ x 24″
SKU: SKU: 106017 – 7″ x 35″

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