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Plastic soap dispenser for wall mounting in white color. The size is 6-1/4″ height x 4-1/2″ width x 4″ diameter.

For foaming soap only.


Hold dispenser with thumbs near front of lid and pop lid up using tabs near the back of the dispenser. No key is necessary.

Mounting Instructions

  • Use included TAPE of glazed tile, painted metal or unpainted metal walls. Tape will not perform satisfactorily if wall surface is porous like brick or wood.
  • On all other wall surfaces, use SCREWS AND ANCHORS (not included) or other appropriate hardware based on surface type.
  • Locate dispenser above a sink or counter. Recommend never locating where spillage can fall on floor creating hazardous condition.
  • Installer will be held responsible for proper installation.
  • To be in compliance with ADA regulations, the dispenser should be mounted no more than 48″ from the ground.

Mounting with double sided tape

  1. Thoroughly clean wall surface and let dry completely. For silicone build-up, use a pumice-type cleaner or grout cleaner to clean the surface.
  2. Peel off paper from back of tape (supplied). Press dispenser firmly to the wall the hold for at least 30 seconds to make sure tape has completely adhered to the wall.
  3. Wait 24 hours before filling with soap to ensure that the tape has completely adhered to the wall before adding weight.

Mounting with screws and anchors

  1. Remove lid. Push latch out and detach dispenser from backplate.
  2. Using the backplate as a template, mark hold locations on wall.
  3. Drill 3/16″ diameter holes for anchors and screws or other hardware. Attach dispenser to backplate and replace lid.

Filling Instructions

  • CAUTION: For dispenser to work properly, use foam soap only for foaming soap dispensers and liquid soap only for liquid soap dispensers. Foam soap dispensers handle foam soaps from 0-14 centipose (cps).
  • 1. Remove lid.
  • 2. Fill with appropriate soap and replace lid.
  • 3. Priming the dispenser will take 6-10 strokes.
  • DISCLAIMER: Not responsible for inappropriate soap use that results in ineffective dispenser operation or clogging. Soap containing any type of scrubbers will cause the dispenser to leak or eventually fail.

Maintenance Instructions:

It is important to clean and maintain dispenser on a regular, scheduled basis. Failure to do so can result in dispenser malfunction.

  • Open dispenser. Flush tank and pump mechanism with warm water to remove residue and contaminates. Refill with new soap and replace lid.
  • Cleaning all touch-points on dispenser with a disinfectant should be part of a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Periodically give the dispenser an overall cleaning. All internal and external parts should be cleaned thoroughly.
  • CAUTION: Never use abrasive cleansers when cleaning soap dispensers.

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