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Window kit to make your door become a view window door. Allowing visibility to the other side of the door to prevent accidently hitting someone/something while opening the door. For installation on standard 1 3/4″ thick metal or solid core wooden doors. Large view window kit comes with metal frames for each side of the door, mesh security fire glass, and glazing tape.


Frame Open Size: 32″ x 24″
Glass Size: 31″ x 23″ 6mm Protect 3 wire squared
Other sizes are available on a special order.


  1. Read and follow the installation requirements of the door manufacturers.
  2. Cut a hole in the door to correspond to the order size of the vision frame.
  3. Prepare the cut out if required per the door manufacturers installation instructions.
  4. Align the frame to the bottom of the cut out. Using the Vision Frame mounting holes as a template, drill holes in the door for the through bolts.
  5. Insert the corridor side frame in the cut out.
  6. Install caulking, tape or compound if application requires around glass using listed and approved material.
  7. Lay glass on corridor side of frame and install room side frame by inserting SMS into countersunk holes and screwing into pre-punched holes in the corridor side of frame.

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SKU: 105101

Note: We only ship this product to locations in the Vancouver Lower Mainland due to it being a glass product.

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