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84″ Standard Concrete Parking Curb

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Parking curbs are used to organize parking lots and restrict how deep a car can park into a parking spot. You can decide how far you want to mount the curb so as to prevent damage to your properties building exterior, doorways, columns, lamp posts, outdoor furniture etc.

To install the curb, drill ½ inch holes in pavement and hammer in 5/8 inch steel rebar. To better secure, you can also use industrial strength adhesive on the bottom of the curb.

Parking regulation signs can be drilled or glued onto the face of the curb or you can also paint on with sign stencils.

Size: 84″ long x 8″wide x 5.5″ tall

Weight: 250 lbs

Installation: How to Install Parking Curbs

Delivery and Installation are available at additional cost within Lower Mainland B.C., Canada

SKU: 133033



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