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Infrared Trsmtr-26 Bit Weigand

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Infrared Trsmtr-26 Bit Weigand designed for the InfraClik access control system. These transmitters can be especially effective in high security applications where a  wireless system is needed but concerns about scanners make radio frequency  inappropriate.

Key Features

  • Receivers come in standard 26 bit wiegand format.
  • Each transmitter has its own unique code.
  • All codes are factory programmed – cannot be compromised!
  • 8′ to 50′ range.
  • Individual transmitter codes can be easily added or deleted from any access control system.
  • Infrared technology increases security by eliminating the phantom door openings associated with radio frequency systems.
  • Confidential proprietary OEM wiegand bit formats available.
  • Receivers available in silver, gold or black to match various ‘decora’ style architectural applications.
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Transmitter Dimensions: 1.5″w x 2.7″h x 0.6″d
Operating Range: 8′ to 50′
Receiver Connector: RJ-45

SKU: 112034


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Product Enquiry

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