Anti-Graffiti Protection for Signs

Graffiti is a common problem for both buildings and signs. When it comes to signs, they often require replacement after being vandalized with graffiti unless they have a protective layer to protect the sign from felt pens, spray paint, and adhesive stickers.

Removing Graffiti from Signs

With traditional non-protected signs, many types of graffiti will not wash off, or with heavy scrubbing will destroy the sign graphics . Stickers can also be difficult to remove. And until the signs are replaced, they make the property look unsitely and run-down.

Graffiti on Sign

All of our alupanel signs for exterior use feature a robust anti-graffiti film that protects the sign from graffiti damage.  You simply wash off the graffiti and or stickers with soap and water, and the alupanel sign looks new again.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Our protective anti-graffiti film layer also protects your signs from weathering or fading. In heavy foliage and damp climate areas where moss and algae accumulation on signs can be a problem, this protective layer also allows you to clean up your signs quickly and easily.

Graffiti remover works on anti-graffiti filmed signs with water-based paint

Graffiti remover works on anti-graffiti filmed signs with oil-based paint

Graffiti remover can not remove the graffiti on regular filmed signs completely