24″ Catch Basin Grate

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Catch basins are designed to catch surface water from roads, parking lots, and highways and lead it into the main storm water system while filtering out waste such as debris and litter. They help you to facilitate proper water drainage and avoid costly property damage. Water can be destructive to the foundation of your property and parking lot. Without a proper drainage system, water can begin leaking into your property through cracks in your foundation and siding. Once the water enters into your property, it becomes a breeding place mold and bacteria. Catch basins are commonly installed in the center of a street or alongside the street curb or gutter. This catch basin grate is designed to withstand car traffic, and is removable allowing the drain to be cleaned out when necessary.


For more information on our Basin Grates and how to determine which size you may need, please refer to the article below:
What Size of Grate or Cover Do You Need

Custom Grates:

Please check the drawing to see if it will fit your missing grate. If not, you can send us your measurements and a close up picture of the grate base. We will either source it for it you or custom make one. Price may vary.

Note: Custom grates are made of laser cut steel.

24″ Catch Basin Grate Layout Drawing

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