84″ Standard Concrete Parking Curb

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We do not retail this product without installation. Location installation restricted to Lower Mainland, BC, Canada.

Concrete Parking Curbs are a great way to keep your properties parking lot organized. They’re perfect for use in commercial, industrial or residential properties. Parking curbs are utilized to mark out parking stalls and to protect your property from vehicular damage. Concrete Parking Curbs are used all over British Columbia and are standard in most parking lots. Most commonly used in retail businesses, schools, churches and public parking lots to protect signage, utility poles, shopping carts, garbage receptacles and other parked vehicles. The concrete parking curbs can also be used to line sidewalks to protect pedestrians from vehicular traffic.

Parking regulation signs can be drilled or glued onto the face of the curb or you can also paint on with sign stencils.


Dimensions: 84” Long x 8” Wide x 5.5” Tall
Top Width: 3” Across Top
Weight: 250 lb


To install the curb, drill ½ inch holes in pavement and hammer in 5/8 inch steel rebar.
To better secure, you can also use industrial strength adhesive on the bottom of the curb.
For information on how to install the 84″ Standard Concrete Parking Curb, please follow the detailed steps in this article:
How to Install Parking Curbs

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