90 Degree Convex Dome Safety Mirror

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Quarter dome convex mirrors are compact mirrors that fit perfectly into most any corner. They provide a full 90 degree viewing area. Most commonly installed at “L” corner intersections in order to eliminate blind spot issues and provide accident/theft prevention and to provide safety/security in areas where blind corners exist. Mirrors come with pre drilled holes in flange for simple and easy installation on a ceiling or wall.

    Common Uses:

  • Elevators: Commercial, residential, college campus elevators to provide patrons the ability to see if anyone is lurking in the tight corners of the elevator before entering.
  • Retail: Used for prevention of shoplifting, lets your customers know they are being watched for any illegal activity.
  • Warehouse: Used for work related safety procedures,  mirrors installed in corners allow forklift operators increased visibility.  Also used for productivity monitoring.
  • Schools, Offices, Hospitals: Used for security and safety measures in high traffic areas and blind corners to aid students/patrons in identifying a potential threat to their safety.


Size: 18″ x 18″ x 18″ 
Diameter: 36″

Dome Mirror Installation and Maintenance:

For more information on Dome Mirror Installation and Maintenance; please refer to this article:
Dome Mirror Installation and Maintenance

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SKU: 134007

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