Custom Security Covers made from Acrylic

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There are all kinds of items that are prone to vandalism or tampering that can not easily be secured or are not built with security in mind. We can help you secure buttons, fixtures, fob swipe devices, and many other things with a custom built-to-fit security cover.

Our fabrication capability enables us to build security covers and enclosures for special situations out of acrylic, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Our acrylic covers come in a variety of standard colors including clear and dark smoked finish. Acrylic is also available in many different thicknesses, ensuring maximum versatility for fabrication and maximum strength to stand up against vandalism or tampering.

We can design your security covers to be installed using security screws requiring special tools to remove them, or by other means depending on the application. Customization has the advantage of giving you a solution not available anywhere else, and the right solution for the task.

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SKU: 112310

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