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Door Knob Guards are designed to stop burglars from prying and wrenching your door knob until it breaks and falls off. Using a knob guard to cover your existing doorknob prevents the burglar from accessing the weakest and most exploitable spots of your door knob. If you’re experiencing issues with burglars prying or wrenching your knob to break into your property or business, than this is the perfect solution for you.

This guard protects the knob and therefore the actual latching mechanism inside the door. The Cone Door Knob Guard increases both the strength and durability of your door knob.

The tapered cone shaped guard is designed for use on store-room function door knobs (self-locking) that always require a key to open. Store-room function knobs are most commonly used for secure storage rooms, electrical and mechanical rooms, as well as rear exit doors.


This guard is installed using carriage bolts right through the door. Line the guard up to center the doorknob keyway with the guard’s opening and mark your holes. Drill your mounting holes right through the door and attach the guard using the (6) 2″ x 3/8″ carriage bolts. The Cone Door Knob Guard comes with bolts for installation.

Installation Tip: Adjusting your door knob so the handle is as close to the knob guard opening as possible will increase the effectiveness of the guard by preventing prying through the guard’s opening.

An optional handle is also available.

Material: Aluminum. Hammered black finish.

Fits door thickness 1 3/4″ – 2 1/4″ (45mm to 57mm)

Compatible with most Grade 1&2 knobsets


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SKU: 105012

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