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Installation Instructions for Micro Code Digital Transmitter:

Accessing the Code Switch

The side of the transmitter is removable. Squeeze the ends of the transmitter case or twist a coin in the slot provided, then pull the side to remove it. This will expose both the code switch and battery compartment.

Selecting a Code

You may set your transmitter to any code you desire but be sure that the code you set matches the code that has been set on your radio receiver. The digital code is determined by the positions of the 10 small switches numbered 1 through 10 located in the receiver and transmitter. Any combination of ON (CLOSED) or OFF (OPEN) positions can be selected by using a small screwdriver or paper clip. (NOTE: The switches are in the “On” position when the side next to the number is pressed in.) In setting your own personal code we strongly urge that several coding schemes be avoided: ALL ON; ALL OFF; 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ON; 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 ON. These positions are similar to ours or other manufacturer’s test positions, or are frequently used. Once the code has been set, check the operation and replace the case side.

MICRO CODE by Linear  Model 1050 Stanley Coding

Transmitter Installation

The transmitter is completely self contained, including battery, and can be operated while mounted in the car. It is supplied with a clip for attaching to the sun visor, if desired. If the clip is used attach to the case by sliding it into the recess provided on the back of the transmitter until the small dimples fit into the holes in the clip.

Transmitter Battery Replacement

Replacement battery – 9 volt NEDA 1604 ( Eveready 216 or equivalent).

The battery in the transmitter can be checked or changed by removing side of the transmitter. Refer to the directions under “accessing the code switch” for battery replacement.

To Replace or Add A Set

A replacement of new transmitter or receiver may be purchased by specifying the Model Number and the RF frequency designated on the identification label. The TF frequency is set at the factory and must not be adjusted in the field. The digital code can be matched to the companion receiver or transmitter by following the above procedure.

Operational Check

To check operation, move back a reasonable distance (about 50 ft.) and press the transmitter button. Operation should be reliable at this distance but environment and location of both the transmitter and receiver will affect the range. If the transmitter is stowed well out of sight, it may be necessary to remove it from its mounting and hold near the windshield. Try different locations and positions. If operation is still unsatisfactory, the problem may be isolated by:

  1. Checking the door operator. If the door will not open when the wall button is pressed, the problem is likely to be the operator. If the door will open by pressing the wall button, but not when the radio control button is pressed, the problem is probably in the radios.
  2. Replacing the transmitter battery. If after performing the above operational checks, the controls still do not function, they should be returned to your dealer for repair or replacement.


Any changes or modifications in intentional or unintentional radiators which are not expressly approved by LINEAR CORPORATION could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. This applies to intentional and unintentional radiators certified per part 15 of the F.C.C. rules and regulations.

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