Steel and Wood Park Bench

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Park Benches offer a variety of advantages compared to other types of outdoor seating and are worth consideration if your commercial or residential property requires an additional seating area. Firstly, park benches help to save space. You can create a dedicated seating area that accommodates three people in an area that normally only has enough room for two chairs. Choosing to go with a bench rather than a chair does not mean that you have to sacrifice style and comfort; the right park bench can be just as comfortable and appealing as any chair in comparison. A bench is also more cost effective when compared to chairs because you can create a seating space for more people with the same amount of money by using benches rather than chairs.

Park benches are usually permanently mounted to the ground and not meant to be moved around. This means that they are better resistant to wear and tear in contrary to traditional chairs that are constantly being moved around; because of this a park bench will not only look great but also feel good much longer than a chair. Park benches also provide a lower risk of theft when compared to other outdoor seating arrangements. As mentioned before chairs are lightweight and very easy to move around while a park bench by contrast is very heavy and near impossible to move. By choosing a Park Bench over chairs you will not only protect your investment but also lower the risk of property theft.

Benches are inviting, highly decorative, and modern in style. They help create an inviting atmosphere for your customers and guests to sit down, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Not to mention that they are a perfect match with natural surroundings, especially when made from a natural material. A park bench can be the perfect addition to an area where people do a lot of walking, such as an outdoor shopping center or a community garden. Benches are a staple of Parks and Gardens everywhere because they not only serve a practical purpose they also provide decorative value to the property. Great seating not only gives energy to public spaces but it also has a positive impact on health and well being.


Dimensions: 70” x 25” x 33”
Mounting Options: Free-standing bolt down
Materials: Aluminum and Ipe Hardwood
Wood Information: Ipe Hardwood. Wood members 1 1/2″ (3.7cm) x 2 1/2″ (6cm) with 114′ (0.63cm) radius on edges and ends. Top and front members are 3/4′ (1.8cm) radius bullnose. Ipe is sealed and smooth sanded.
Metal Information:Standard aluminum cast to a precision pattern for maximum strength and durability. The metal is coated with polyester, electro statically applied and baked at a high temperature to produce a mar-resistant finish.
Hardware: An exclusive nut design and bolt-through construction create a single, solid unit. A special wrench for vandal resistant hardware is provided with each bench. All hardware is professionally finished with our baked-on polyester powder.


For information on how to secure your Steel and Wood Park Bench to various surfaces please follow the detailed steps in this article:
How to Secure your Bench

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