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More than just another seat, Steel Park Benches are a decorative and convenient addition to any indoor or outdoor area, whether it is outside in a common community area or inside of your business. Benches allow your patrons an area to sit and relax; the right bench can make a space much more inviting and will encourage people to gather there. A park bench can be the perfect addition to an area where people do a lot of walking, such as an outdoor shopping center or a community garden. Great seating not only gives energy to spaces but it also has a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

The Steel Park Bench is a simple but solid bench, it’s a classic style that looks great either indoors or outside. The simplistic style makes it a versatile piece and the perfect addition to any sidewalk, trail entryway or courtyard area. A bench can be placed virtually anywhere inside or outside of your commercial building or property: from hallways to waiting rooms, foyers, reception areas and entrance ways. Subtle yet distinctive, a bench’s presence might not be noticed upon first impression, but its absence is very obvious.


Dimensions: 73″ x 25″ x 34″
Mounting Options: Free-standing bolt down, in ground, wall mount, custom mounting methods available. Please contact BC Site Service for more details.
Metal Information: Mild Steel, wheel-abraded to bare metal, then precisely fabricated to find shape. The metal is first zinc-plated and then bronze chromate conversion coated to provide an undercoat, then coated with polyester. Electrostatically applied, and baked at high temperature to produce a “mar resistant” finish.
Hardware: An exclusive nut design and bolt-through construction create a single, solid unit. A special wrench for vandal resistant hardware is provided with each bench. All hardware is professionally finished with our baked-on polyester powder.


For information on how to secure your Steel Park Bench to various surfaces please follow the detailed steps in this article:
How to Secure your Bench

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