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Bird Spike Kits

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Bird spikes prevent pigeons from sitting on building ledges, sign boxes, light poles, and drain piping in either covered areas or parkades. They are constructed with a UV resistant plastic base and stainless steel spikes for long lasting durability. The spikes are not sharp enough to hurt the birds but will deter them from the area.

Installation: How to Install Bird Spikes

Bird Spike Dimensions

  • Bird spikes come in kits that can be purchased per 1 ft, 12 ft, or 100 ft lengths
  • Available in flexible 8″ width to fit narrow areas and piping
  • 12 ft kit includes 12 feet of bird spikes and One (1) commercial adhesive for installation

Keeping Birds Away with Bird Spikes

Birds will congregate around areas that provide three basic needs; food, water, and shelter. Shopping centers and other kinds of commercial properties provide these necessities.

Food comes from restaurant garbage, especially open garbage cans and garbage enclosures. Birds get water that is often found collecting in puddles on roof tops or around the property. Shelter comes from covered areas or wind shielding walls. Pipes, light fixtures, soffit framing and other structures underneath cover are some of their favorite spots.

We suggest ensuring your roof tops are kept clear of pooling water and leaves (that can be used for nesting). Garbage enclosures should also be designed with a mesh roof that does not trap in odors, but still keeps birds out.

Even with these measures, birds such as pigeons and sparrows may be attracted to a property because it meets their needs for shelter, with food and water being nearby at another property. This is where bird spikes need to be installed to keep birds away.


Per 1 Foot Kits

  • 8 in Wide SKU: 110016

Per 12 Foot Kits

  • 8 in Wide SKU: 110002, (includes 1 tube of sealant)

Per 100 Foot Kits

  • 8 in Wide SKU: 110013

Bird Spike Dimensional Drawings

8″ Bird Spikes:

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Product Enquiry