Raised Block Anti-Skateboard Guards

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The raised block anti-skate guard/deterrent/stopper design is best for hard-cornered natural stone and concrete surfaces where a heavy-duty anti-skateboarding deterrent fits in aesthetically with the surrounding architecture. These guards/stoppers can be applied to square corners that have an edge radius of 1/8″ to 3/8″. Anchors secure the guard into both the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the edge.

Used by Contractors, Landscapers, Property Managers, Architects to name a few to deter skateboarding around their buildings premises.

Most commonly used on granite, marble, stone, block, brick or other surfaces with a hard corner and no vertical clearance restrictions.


Dimensions: 2″ Wide x 4 1/8″ Deep x 2 1/2″ Tall
Material: 6000 Series Aluminum (6061-T6 Aluminum)
Drawing: Raised Block Anti-Skateboard Guards Layout PDF

Kit Contains:

  • Anti-skateboard guards (20, 60, or 100 piece kits available)
  • Security screws for mounting the guards
  • Security screw bit for use with multi-drivers or drills
  • Concrete drill bit, epoxy


Note: the raised block guards installed on granite planters require special tool and professional installation to prevent from chipping or cracking of the stone. Please contact us if you need help on installation.
Anti-Skateboard Guard Installation Guide

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SKU: 101005

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