Rounded Radius (0.5″) Anti-Skateboard Guards

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Rounded radius anti-skateboard guards/deterrents/stoppers are suitable for precast or poured concrete edges that are slightly rounded with a half inch radius.

It’s important for your guards to be effective at stopping skateboard damage to your property, but they also need to fit the surface edges snugly. This is functional as well as aesthetic because a tighter fit means the guards will stand up against any abuse they might get from skateboarders looking to challenge their effectiveness.

Each guard is extruded from aluminum and features an anodized finish that looks great and will stand up against the elements for many years.

Used by Contractors, Landscapers, Property Managers, Architects to name a few to deter skateboarding around their buildings premises.


Dimensions: 3.75″ Deep x 2″ Wide x 1″ Tall
Material: 6000 Series Aluminum (6061-T6 Aluminum)
Drawing: 1/2 Inch Rounded Radius Anti-Skateboard Guard Layout PDF

Kit Contains:

  • Anti-skateboard guards (20, 60, or 100 piece kits available)
  • Security screws for mounting the guards
  • Security screw bit for use with multi-drivers or drills
  • Concrete drill bit, epoxy.


For information on how to install your Rounded Radius (0.5″) Anti-Skateboard Guards please follow the detailed steps in this article:
Anti-Skateboard Guard Installation Guide

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SKU: 101003

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