Stainless Steel Door Kick Plate

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Stainless steel door kick plates are used to protect the bottom of the door which is the most exposed to damage form kicking the door open or pushing it open with a cart or hand trolley. They are installed most often on the push side of the door, but can also be used on the pull side of the door.


Material: Brushed Finish 1/16″ Thick Stainless Steel
Length: 34.5”
Available Heights: 7”, 10”, 16”, and 24”
Custom sizes are available; please contact BC Site Service for more details


Kick plates are easy to install with wood screws for wooden doors or self-tapping metal screws for metal doors. Kick plates are made with pre-drilled holes for quick installation.

Mounting hardware not included, but readily available at any hardware store.

Item Numbers:

SKU: 104406 – 34.5″ x 7″
SKU: 105001 – 34.5″ x 10″
SKU: 104407 – 34.5″ x 16″
SKU: 104408 – 34.5″ x 24″

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