Stainless Steel Garbage and Recycling Receptacle

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Three slot stainless steel garbage and recycling receptacle for indoor or outdoor use. This unit can be bolted down or left freestanding. It has three slots for different garbage and recycling materials; “Litter Only”, “Cans and Bottles”, and “Newspaper”.

Inside it has 3 separate rigid plastic liners for holding your garbage bags. Access for emptying trash can be gained through either the front or rear door of the receptacle and uses a standard cam slot key for access.

The front face of the receptacle features an advertising panel which can be used to generate revenue or showcase your property’s name and logo. The advertising panel protects poster style graphics from the elements with a clear acrylic face and is accessed by opening the locking front door of the unit.


    Stainless Steel Receptacle Dimensions

  • Receptacle is 24″ deep x 71″ wide x 47″ high
  • Each of the three internal liners are 19″ deep x 19″ wide x 28″ high, and each hold 39 gallons (147 litres) of trash
  • Front advertising panel is 60.5″ wide x 31.5″ high


For information on how to securely install your Stainless Steel Garbage and Recycling Receptacle, please refer to this article:
How to Install Your Garbage Receptacle Securely

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SKU: 135302

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